Pool Finishes on the Sunshine Coast

Dive into Luxury: Choosing the Right Pool Interior

We at Pools By Design understand that a new swimming pool no matter the shape & size can be a costly investment for our customers.

Your pool interior plays a big role in your lifestyle & enjoyment. The visual of your swimming pool will be a centrepiece for years to come


Pebble is the most common choice for pool interiors, offering a smooth, durable, and low-maintenance surface.

Glass Bead

For a smoother pool interior, Pools By Design often incorporates glass beads into the mix, resulting in a stunning finish that won’t disappoint. We offer various combinations, including:

  • 50/50 Pebble/Glass
  • 100% Glass
  • 50% Glass with Dye
  • 100% Glass with Dye

Fully Tiled

Considered the Rolls Royce of pool interiors, a fully tiled pool interior provides the ultimate in smoothness and eye-catching aesthetics.

Coping + Interior

Choosing the right coping tiles and interiors is crucial. Visit The Pool Tile Company’s website for an extensive portfolio of images showcasing coping, waterline tiles, and completed pools.

Straight-backed Kidney Shape Pool — Pool Builders in Warana, QLD
Galactic with Blue Oxide — Pool Builders in Warana, QLD

Galactic with Blue Oxide

Galactic with Clear Glass — Pool Builders in Warana, QLD

Galactic with Clear Glass

100% Clear Glass — Pool Builders in Warana, QLD

100% Clear Glass

Onyx Pebble — Pools By Design

Onyx Pebble

Sky Blue Pebble

Sky Blue Pebble

Sunshine Blue Pebble — Pools By Design

Sunshine Blue Pebble

Galactic Pebble — Pools By Design

Galactic Pebble

Image Coming Soon

Salt and Pepper Pebble — Pools By Design

Salt and Pepper Pebble

White Pebble — Pools By Design

White Pebble

Champagne Pebble — Pools By Design

Champagne Pebble

Image Coming Soon

Fully Tiled

Image Coming Soon

Your pool interior will vary in colour depending on the surrounds and on sunny or overcast days.