Mineral Pools on the Sunshine Coast

MagnaPool® Mineral Pools

Mineral pools are an excellent choice for those who want to reap the benefits of a swimming pool without the unappealing chlorine odour. With minimal upkeep and low chlorine levels, they are the perfect alternative to standard inground pools.

We design and install MagnaPool® mineral pool systems for clients on the Sunshine Coast. Combining magnesium and potassium, MagnaPool’s® mineral systems are gentle on the skin and health-conscious, making them an excellent choice for people of all ages.

Mineral Pool — Pool Builders in Warana, QLD
Mineral Swimming Pool — Pool Builders in Warana, QLD

Mineral Pools: Your Path to Improved Physical Well-Being

Mineral pools are a healthy alternative to swimming pool sanitation, compared with traditional chlorine and saltwater pools.

All mineral pools generate a minimum amount of chlorine, to keep your pool clean and prevent algae and bacteria.

Because mineral pools use far less chlorine, the walls and floors of your concrete swimming pool won’t need maintenance or resurfacing as regularly. The water in mineral pools feels more natural on your skin, and since there’s less chlorine (whether the chlorine is in solid or liquid form), it smells better and doesn’t dry out your skin as much.

Benefits for the body & mind

Sunscreen and shade aren’t the only ways you’re able to protect your skin when you’re in your swimming pool. In fact, your body can absorb up to 500mls of pool water for every 1 hour of swimming, so when you are swimming in chlorine-concentrated pools and harsh chemicals it can take a toll on your health.

  • Mineral pool low chlorinated water creates less harsh water on skin, eyes and hair. Potassium also aids in skin hydration.
  • Mineral pools don’t produce unappealing odour like chlorine, which can cause dizziness or affect those sensitive to smell.
  • Mineral pools have been proven to be gentle on skin conditions like eczema.
  • Mineral pools water is smooth and silky and doesn’t leave you with sticky, salty skin.
  • Mineral pools is rich in magnesium (an important mineral for humans), which we absorb transdermally (through our skin). Magnesium exposure aids in reducing stress, anxiety and bodily aches for swimmers.
  • Magnesium also relaxes muscles and reduces muscle fatigue and tearing (fantastic for athletes).
  • Magnesium exposure contributes to restorative sleep, which aids in the circulation of blood to the heart, brain and muscles.

Mineral pools not only feel smooth on your skin but can also enhance your health. The minerals can alleviate aches and pains in your body, while the minimal chlorine content means no eye or skin irritation.

Mineral Pool — Pool Builders in Warana, QLD
Narrow Infinity Edge Pool — Pool Builders in Warana, QLD

Frequently Asked Questions

The running of the filter pump is the main cost. A 750-watt pump will cost approximately 10c an hour to run and needs to run for approximately 6-8hrs per day for 365 days a year.

The saltwater chlorinator requires a constant level of salt (approximately 1/10 the consistency of seawater). Rainwater will dilute the salt level, and most pools require approximately six bags of salt per year, costing around $10/bag.

The total balance of water should be checked monthly; some stabiliser, bi-carb and calcium hardness may need to be added.

The average pool should cost approximately $450 to operate yearly.

Yes, we can help with both. Pools by Design can recommend the right fencing to satisfy regulations and give you an approximate price for the fencing, which can be included in the pool pricing. Pools by Design can help you with general landscaping ideas and then organise an associated landscaper to finalise the design and provide you with a final price. Pools by Design will coordinate the timing of both the fencing and landscaping for your convenience.