Pool Construction on the Sunshine Coast

Our Build Process

At Pools By Design, our pool construction process is thorough and comprehensive. For clients on the Sunshine Coast and surrounding areas, we begin with a site visit to assess your location, discuss your needs and design ideas, then deliver a no-obligation quote. There is generally a 6 to 8-week wait for your local council to approve your build plans before we can begin excavation and construction.

We begin construction using industry-grade equipment and materials to ensure the highest quality finish possible. The excavation process is expected to take one day, depending on the size of your new pool. From there, we can install your steelwork and plumbing and begin building your pool shell. After your pool has cured, we can commence tiling and interior work.

Pool on Build Process — Pool Builders in Warana, QLD
Pool with Fence — Pool Builders in Warana, QLD

Fencing & Landscaping

Whether you require fencing or landscaping to complete the look of your pool, our team is happy to help. We can erect a high-quality fence around your property and even install gates for easy access. Our team will always adhere to Australian standards and fencing regulations so that your new pool is ready for use in no time.

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Pool on Wooden Deck with Fence — Pool Builders in Warana, QLD

Frequently Asked Questions

Saltwater chlorinators are a straightforward way to treat pool water and are very inexpensive to operate. A saltwater chlorinator will gently add chlorine to the pool water during the filtration period and are an extremely safe way to treat your pool, so you don’t have to leave dangerous chlorine lying around your home.

All swimming pools in QLD must be fenced with an approved pool fence. The fencing requirements can be found here.

Note: When Pools by Design gets your new pool approved, the fencing will be detailed on the plan and certified when completed. This is included in the pool price.

Different structures of the walls and floor, i.e., fibreglass has just an approximately 20mm thick fibreglass wall, compared to a concrete pool with a 200mm concrete section interlaced with steel reinforcing at least every 300mm apart. It then has an internal waterproofing layer of either 20mm pebble crete (pebble and cement) or a layer of ceramic tile.

The concrete pool can be constructed to almost any shape to suit your backyard or your imagination, whereas fibreglass pools are limited to set moulds.

Concrete pools are constructed in the ground on a solid base and finished to the level of the internal water. When empty, they have the structural strength to support the surrounding ground pressures. Concrete pools have a hydrostatic valve in the pool’s base and have considerable weight to counteract any groundwater pressures.

Concrete pools have a solid non-flexing surround to the pool, enabling coping tiles to adhere to it successfully.